Banyak2 kayu, kayu apa yang dapat dimakan?



This came in the mail today

From my buddy Aidy in Surrey

Aidy is an entrepreneur. He sells kayupuk by mail in UK. How cool is that?

He sent me some sample of the keropok losong to try

Complete with the sauce… Keropok and sauce are best friends 🙂

The keropok is made with fresh fish in Terengganu and Aidy ships it over to UK

The keropok losong tastes great, especially with the sauce!
Kinda reminds me of MOM’s acar and keropok.
I’m gonna be ordering some of this for sure!
What are YOU waiting for?
Details at the website and below:

Keropok ikan tamban (Sardine fish crackers)

Small packet -£1.70 (served up to 8 persons)
Large packet – £3.50 (served up to 25 persons)
Package – 3 large packets – £10

Keropok udang (Prawn crackers)

Small packet – £2.50 (served up to 8 persons)
Large packet – £5.00 (served up to 15 persons)

Keropok sira berlada (Spicy fish crackers) £1.50/packet

Cracker’s sauce available on request at £2.50/bottle


Small packet – 1 to 2 packets — GBP1.50 (2nd class Royal Mail)
Large packet – 1 packet — GBP1.90 (2nd class Royal Mail)
Package – 3 large packets — GBP3.00 (2nd class Royal Mail)

Apparently Aidy has been able to produce keropok lekor from fresh local UK fish! AWESOME! Waiting for his pricing now 🙂

Call Aidy on 07588045420 or email [email protected] to order!


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