Da little man turns five

Hi peeps, just as little Arief turned five this month, I hit the big four-O today. It was a quiet uneventful day marked only by a small dinner at Tinseltown with some mates. Pics below are from little Arief’s birthday lunch at i-Lotus last weekend.

Back2Lestah 001

Back2Lestah 015

Back2Lestah 017

Back2Lestah 018

Back2Lestah 005

Back2Lestah 008

Back2Lestah 009 Back2Lestah 010

Author: Reedz

2 thoughts on “Da little man turns five

  1. Happy 5th birthday to da little man and to you anakbrunei aka Md Reeda. May Allah Bless you and your family… 🙂

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