The Right Age to Teach Kids About Money

By Elisabeth Donati

Question: What is the right age to start teaching kids about money?
Answer: If they are breathing, they should be learning about money!

OK, that may seem a little over zealous, but here’s the thing…

Just like our need for oxygen from the moment we pop out into the planet, most of us don’t survive very well without ample amounts of financial resources to provide for the things we need. We really do NEED money in our lives to survive well and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Even if you’re a monk, somewhere there is money exchanging hands to handle your needs.

The fact is, you can work for (trade your time and energy for), beg, borrow or steel, the things that you need to live: water, food, clothing, shelter, education, transportation, etc. Even if YOU are not working for these things, it took money for SOMEONE to pay for what you are begging, borrowing or stealing!

Where is MONEY on the NEEDS vs WANTS scale anyway?

Seriously. In any classic “needs vs wants” lesson, I’ve never seen MONEY on either side. This strikes me as absurd because without MONEY, it’s hard to have anything on either list.

Legislatures Debating Over What Age to Teach Financial Wisdom To Our Kids

All over America, governing bodies of well-meaning adults are trying to decide when financial education should be taught in school. The answer is quite simply…

In Every Grade at Every Age

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