The Mall Cineplex goes 3D

Yup that’s right folks! The Mall Cineplex is now showing movies in 3D glory! Last night was the premiere launching of the 3D cinema with a screening of Toy Story 3D. It’s the fourth time I’ve watched it in 3D and it still ROCKS!! To Infinity… and BEYOND!

In a press statement released by the Mall Cineplex, they noted that their "Investment and commitment to 3D cinema" was made in response to demands made by "the local movie fans". They added that there are more 3D movies expected to be released in the coming months and that they will be "primed to cater" to the demands for those movies to be shown.

The cinema received its equipment about two weeks ago, and have done extensive in-house testing before revealing the acquisition to the media this Tuesday.

At the moment, they have two digital projectors which are being used for the 3D movies set up in two different cinemas. With the capacity to play two different 3D movies simultaneously, they hope to increase this their capacity.

Ahmad Naquiddin Mohamad, Sales and Marketing Executive for The Mall Cineplex, said that they plan to change their all projectors that were previously using traditional film to the new digital projectors in the future.

With the introduction of 3D movies, they expect a 20 per cent increase in patrons. "A majority of the films are intended for the family," he said, and that the cinema hoped to encourage those families to come watch those films with their children.

Ahmad also noted that they will not be having full screenings during the first week of the release, as they are still doing some tests. "We will only be showing Avatar and Toy Story 3 on certain times during the week,"

However, he said that their next major 3D showing, Dreamworks’ Megamind will be shown throughout the day for the duration of its screening.

Ahmad has also said that they have invested heavily into the 3D glasses, which they will provide to their customers.

"They are not like the paper 3D glasses," he said, showing off the metal frames of what he claimed to be the latest models not used anywhere else in the region.

Costing almost a hundred dollars each, Ahmad said that the glasses contain security tags so that people cannot make off with them and that they will make sure that each one of them are returned after every showing.

The 3D showings will have an increased ticket price, of approximately 50 per cent above normal ticket prices.

The cheapest available tickets will be from Monday to Wednesday before 6.30 pm, at $6 per ticket which will go up to $9 per ticket in the evening.

For Thursdays and Fridays, they are priced at $8 before 6.30pm and $11 after. On Saturday, $9 before 6.30 pm and $12 after, and on Sunday, ticket prices are at $11 throughout the day but children’s tickets are available at $6.– Courtesy of The Brunei Times


Farah and Maurina gettin ready for some 3D love


Spot the ayam



These glasses cost about a hundred bucks each





The family enjoying the 3D experience


3D babes


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  1. I wonder, inda kamah kah tu the glasses? U know, we have to return it back after using it. And you know whatever happened in cinema right? Especially the couple seats? lol. even after makan popcorn. beminyak innit?

    1. I think the glasses are cleaned after every use but to be sure, why don't you bring a wet wipe with you to clean it 🙂

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