Digital Scrapbook – A Bruneian Student in UK

Share your experience of education in the UK with the British High Commission and you could win an iPhone, iPad or other valuable prizes!

The High Commission hopes to entice Bruneian students currently in the UK, or any Bruneian who has studied there, to take part in a competition called ‘The Digital Scrap Book – A Bruneian student in the UK’.

Participants are required to produce a short video (up to three minutes) on their experience of British education, and upload it to the British High Commission’s YouTube Channel). They may interpret the theme in whatever way they wish. Possible approaches include: diary format (“A Day in the Life of a Bruneian student at …” University X); coverage of activities organised by a Bruneian Students Association (outing, sporting event, birthday party or religious festival); interviews with fellow students about campus life, or with members of the university’s International Office.

The idea is to build a collage of moving pictures which portray the experiences of Bruneian students in the UK; and to help the High Commission advise schools, colleges and universities on how to serve their Bruneian customers. So, while the High Commission reserves the right not to select material which is coarse or inappropriate, entrants should not hesitate to include examples of things which could be done better.

Terms and conditions of the competition:

  • Open to all Bruneians who have studied or are currently studying in the UK.
  • To run from 18 November 2010 until 28 February 2011.
  • Participants submit video clips of up to 3 minutes on the theme: "A Bruneian Student in UK".
  • Details on where to upload the clips will be announced on the 18th of November 2010, when we launch the project. The High Commission retains editorial control.
  • Personal details are needed in order to contact the makers of the winning videos. (Please send to: [email protected] with “Digital Scrap Book” in the subject line.)
  • The British High Commission will not be liable for any submission which fails to be uploaded.
  • Video content which is explicit, violent or otherwise unfit for public viewing will be removed.
  • Clips need to be at a minimum resolution of 30fps VGA although 720p and 1080p is preferred.
  • Viewers may be invited to "like", share, or comment on these videos.
  • Winners will be selected by a panel of judges.
  • Participants own their work, but copies submitted become the property of the British High Commission and may be used in any way deemed fit.

The competition will climax at a prize presentation gala event in March 2011. More details later.


Author: Reedz