Digital Scrap Book: A Bruneian Student in UK

For all you Bruneian students in UK past and present, this is your chance to tell us about your experience in the UK in the most creative way and be in the running to win some awesome prizes! Spread the love #Brunei!

The British High Commissioner, Rob Fenn today launched the Digital Scrap Book project, a competition for Bruneians to produce a three-minute video on their experiences on British education.

The launching was done at a media conference held at the British High Commission and was well-attended by the local media.

At the conference, a member of the media asked if a collection of still images would be considered as an entrant to which the High Commissioner said yes, an entry could be a collection of still images made into a presentation with background music or even a voice over.

Another member of the media asked if those who have not studied there but were in the UK could also take part and the High Commissioner replied that if the entrant is a word of advice or a comment on the British education would be welcomed.

A full set of question and answer on the project which was distributed to the media could be found below.


Q: What are you launching?

A. Today, we are launching a project called the ‘Digital Scrap Book’ – which I hope will grow into a collection of videos made or produced by Bruneian students who are in the UK or have studied there in the past. These videos should be up to three minutes in duration, and should reflect the participant’s experience of British education.

Q: What will happen to the videos?

A: We will put them in our “Digital Scrap Book” – a section of the website of the British High Commission, which – as I hope you all know by now, has the address: “”. There, the general public will be invited to vote for (or “like”) each entry. Those with the highest score (e.g. most ‘likes’), and which impress our panel of judges, will win prizes – more about those in a second. Of course, the participants will continue to own their work, but – by sharing it with us – they signal agreement for us to use it in this competition as we see fit.

Q: How do people take part in the competition?

A: Participants make or produce their video entries, and then upload it onto their own, personal YouTube account. They then send us the URL link of their video to the High Commission’s general email address: [email protected] It is vital that, when doing so, they state their details: full name, contact details, etc (as in the Terms and Conditions). We will view each entry, and if it accords with the spirit of this competition, we will post it in a section of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s YouTube Channel – dedicated to Brunei but available to a global audience. Naturally, we will retain editorial control, so any content that is explicit, violent, or otherwise unfit for public viewing will not be included.

In parallel, in order to involve those Bruneians already enrolled as “fans” on the British High Commission Facebook fan page (and to attract more!), we will make it possible to link from that page to videos entered in this competition. This way, our “fans” will also be able to express their opinion on the videos (by clicking ‘like’) and influence who wins.


Q: How long is the competition?

A: It starts today and ends on 28 February 2011.

Q: How are you going to publicize this competition?

A: With your help, through the media, and by word of mouth. We are also asking well known local bloggers, such as ranoadidas and anakbrunei, who has – in fact – helped us to design this project. I hope all Brunei’s bloggers will join in.

Additional publicity should come from the fact that we have created a discussion thread on our Facebook fan page under the name “Digital Scrapbook”. I am open to all advice and comment on this project which reaches us through that forum:

You will also find a page dedicated to this project in the High Commission’s website:

We will keep it up-to-date; so “watch that space”.

Q: What prizes are being offered?

A: This is indicative. But I can assure you that the prizes will be generous, and chosen as a fitting reward for the IT-savvy kind of person likely to enjoy this competition. For example

  • First prize: iPhone
  • Second prize: iPad
  • Third prize: iPod
  • Fourth prize: a “flip” camera

There will also be “consolation prizes” – for example:

  • T-shirts.

Q: When will these prizes be presented?

A: We are planning to do this during the first half of March next year at a “gala event”, where we can screen the winning videos, celebrate their messages about education in the UK, and note all lessons learned from these commentaries on British education. The date and details of the event will be announced later. Of course, another reason why we have stressed the need for participants to include their contact details is so that we can invite them to the prize presentation ceremony.

Q: How is the judging being done?

A: It will be a mixture of empirical input – “likes” expressed by the general public – and the subjective views of a panel of judges. I have set things up this way deliberately, not because I want to skew the outcome, but because I want to remain closely involved in the whole process. This competition is about listening to our Bruneian customers, and ensuring that their views and experiences are understood by colleges and universities in the UK. It is about helping British education serve its Bruneian customers better.

Q: Will this be an annual affair for the British High Commission?

A: We approach each year afresh. The High Commission team keep coming up with new ideas for public diplomacy projects – all aimed at improving and strengthening links between the UK and Brunei Darussalam.

Q: Any last word?

A: Simply to thank you for coming. And for helping us to “spread the word” about an initiative which – while fun – also has a serious purpose. The more people who take part, the stronger the partnership between the UK and Brunei in the field we both think more important than any other; namely, education.




Author: Reedz