SMARTER Brunei Charity Bazaar and Open Day


My pic of the day during the Smarter Bazaar has to be this one of
the winner of the teh tarik competition in action!


Coupon books for the bazaar were on sale at 10 bucks a pop
but people were free to donate as well


Lots of stuff on sale


One of the booths selling football jerseys

The Smarter Charity Bazaar and open day last weekend was a great success as swarms of visitors came to support the fundraising activity. Present to officiate the event was Hj Musa Hj Tahir, the Penghulu of Mukim Sengkurong.

Over 30 booths were set up around the Sengkurong Clinic and SMARTER Centre. A number of them featured individuals selling products ranging from food to clothes. Mainly responsible for the bazaar were local bloggers who also attended to show their support and sell printed T-shirts.

Children had the opportunity to enjoy some face-painting and mini-games, while the adults enjoyed taking part in a number of activities and competitions. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Smarter Fund.

In an interview with Smarter President Malai Hj Abdullah, he expressed his gratitude for the crowd’s amazing t response.

"It’s not so much the fundraising that I’m concerned about… I am hoping that from this programme members ofthe public are able to see and be aware of the centre’s mission and vision or what we are doing, that is to help out autistic children in the country," he said.

He commented on the centre’s recent’ financial troubles in sustaining monthly expenses that had been brought to light to the public and on the possibility of it closing down.

"It is safe to say that we have raised enough money to sustain this centre for the next six months. But in the long run, we have yet to find a solution to maintain this building, and to meet the growing number of individuals with autism. Thus, from this event, I hope it will speak to the public that by donating, they are investing in a good cause and will hopefully continue in supporting us to minimise our efforts to keep this centre-running," he added. — Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin


This cool clock was for sale


A mini goodegg came to give her support Smile


Representing the bloggers in the Teh Tarik competition was Thanis!


Narcotics Control Bureau had some informative displays



The bloggers were there to lend a hand by selling T-shirts


Wonderful to see the volunteering spirit among the youth


Peraduan menumpah ambuyat



The winning entry was PERFECT


The winner of the ambuyat competition. Misti jua laki2 bah kan? Winking smile


Face-painting was a really popular activity



Even Mr. Kurapak gave it a go!


There was an F1 simulator was well


Ice-cream eating competition


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