6 thoughts on “AB goes walkabout: MBS and Chomp Chomp!

  1. Salam bro. Nice pics from the skypark 😀 Just wanted to know your review/comments of Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Read some not so pleasing reviews on tripadvisor, but just wanted to get your 2 cents on the matter. Much appreciate your take on the hotel. Thanks

    1. Wslm bro. I found the hotel itself kind of retro but I guess that's the look they are trying to achieve i.e. macam The Sands di Las Vegas. Service wise it was pretty good.

      My only gripe is the uninspiring breakfast buffet, and the fact that many of the shops at the mall next door were still not open yet. The food court called Rasapura Masters was so-so only.

      I like the celebrity chef restaurants though 🙂 All my favorites i.e. Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Daniel Boulud, and Tetsuya Wakuda are there although I have yet to try them out 🙂

    1. I'd give it a year or so until all the facilities are completed. My room overlooked the construction site and kinda spoiled the "sea-view". I'm a lousy gambler so the casino is not a major draw for me. If I were to visit the celebrity chef restaurants, I can always stay somewhere cheaper and make my way to the restaurants. In answer to your question Priscilla, yes I'd go again… only if someone else is paying! Hehehe!

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