The Inaugural #Brunei Camera Phone Photowalk

What an awesome morning walkabout it was this morning with fellow cam-phoners in BSB. I found it refreshingly challenging to take pics using my camera phone and I believe so did the others! Come join us for the next cam-phone outing soon!


Awesome turnout included some complete strangers!

C360_2011-01-16 08-23-57

It was a wet morning, so nice and cool!

C360_2011-01-16 08-48-34

C360_2011-01-16 08-43-41

C360_2011-01-16 09-53-21

C360_2011-01-16 08-23-07


C360_2011-01-16 08-20-19

C360_2011-01-16 09-09-22

C360_2011-01-16 08-50-58

C360_2011-01-16 08-55-19

C360_2011-01-16 09-24-28

C360_2011-01-16 09-26-53

C360_2011-01-16 09-22-13

C360_2011-01-16 09-17-59

C360_2011-01-16 09-49-00

C360_2011-01-16 09-06-39

C360_2011-01-16 08-50-24


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