iPhone 4, iPad and other prizes up for grabs!!

Hey peeps! Just a gentle reminder that the competition to find the best video about the Bruneian experience of UK education, the so-called “Digital Scrap Book”, is on for another month. The competition, organised by the British High Commission, involves making and posting an online video of up to three minutes in length, documenting the UK experience for Bruneian students.  It is open to all those in Brunei who are studying or have studied in the UK. The winner will get an iPhone 4 while other prizes include an iPad, an iPod Touch and an iPod nano.


The British High Commissioner, His Excellency Rob Fenn said:

“I hear delightful stories about the ups and downs of campus life for Bruneians at British universities. Stories which illustrate how much Bruneian students contribute to British education, and the strategies they use to get the most out of their time in the UK. This competition is my chance to bring those stories together, in a way which will help British universities learn how to cater for Bruneians even better than they do already. Our Digital Scrapbook can be a showcase for the story-telling talents of Bruneians of all ages who have something to share about British education. Though the prizes on offer include the latest high-tech gadgets, it won’t require slick cinematography to win this competition. The winners will be those with the most interesting things to say – from whom British education has most to learn.”

The deadline to submit entries is on 28 February 2011

Further information on the competition can be found in: www.UKinBrunei.fco.gov.uk


Author: Reedz