WalkRunCycle Charity Bike Auction concludes

As mentioned in a previous post, a spontaneous idea which came about when DJ Jenny and DJ Hum were having a conversation on the air about needing bikes for the HSBC WalkRunCycle event. Together with da gangsta, we actually went bike shopping and selected two lovely bikes for the two DJ’s to ride during the event. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, they were unable to ride the bikes but we did do a comprehensive bike shoot-out at the parking lot in BSB after the HSBC event.

As promised, the bikes were auctioned off over the last week or so, and the winner of the auction (yes a single winner for BOTH bikes) put in a bid for B$300.00 each bike! Thank you very much indeed to Shaikh Khalid from Serikandi for his generous bid! If all goes well, the bikes (and the donation) will be handed over to the respective parties at a ceremony to be held later this week. Thank you also to DJ Jenny and DJ Hum and also to da gangsta for agreeing to sponsor DJ Hum’s bike! AWESOME!

Author: Reedz