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BEDB Home Showcase Opens

Pics from the BEDB Home Showcase launch yesterday which I attended. The event was the culmination of a two year long project by BEDB to build 2,000 houses in Mumong which according to da gangsta, is ahead of schedule.

It’s an excellent idea to do the home showcase and this is normal practice in other countries where major development projects will have what are called “show homes” open for display to public. But while the objective overseas is to actually sell the homes, here the objective is to sell interior design packages which include furniture, flooring, electrical fittings etc. I was quite impressed with the various packages on offer which makes it convenient for the home-owner to decide on various items to be bought for the house.

While checking out the display homes, I was struck by a rather off-colour comment by a bloke in one of the houses. The chap in question made his opinion loud and clear saying the houses were so small they reminded him of a dog house. Its either a case of sour grapes or just lack of decorum in my opinion. To the lucky recipients of these houses, I’ll bet you they will feel like it’s a castle mate!

BEDB CEO cuts the ribbon

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  • Alina June 15, 2011, 9:50 pm

    Very nice!

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