St. Margaret’s School Launches SIMS

Yesterday, I visited my alma mater, St. Margaret’s School in Seria to attend the launching ceremony for the School Web Portal and the  Student Information Management System. The last time I visited was during the golden jubilee celebrations so it was an opportunity to re-visit after a few years.

The school web portal was developed to provide parents, students, and the general public access to information about the school, school events, upcoming activites, school terms, and also to provide a platform to appreciate the school’s well-wishers and recognize students’ achievements.

The Student Information Management System like the website can be accessed through the web and provides a platform where parents can view their children’s performance in school either academically or otherwise. In addition the system also provides parents with notification references of their children’s daily time-table, homework notes and much more.

Author: Reedz

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  1. Wow, this sounds really great, maybe I wouldn’t want it so much for my parents but more so for myself, actually! I like the idea of checking for my grades online etc

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