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St. Margaret’s School Launches SIMS

Yesterday, I visited my alma mater, St. Margaret’s School in Seria to attend the launching ceremony for the School Web Portal and the  Student Information Management System. The last time I visited was during the golden jubilee celebrations so it was an opportunity to re-visit after a few

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  • Raj Pillai June 27, 2011, 6:37 am

    I am glad that SMS finally launched a site that the alumni can do and see the progress of the school. We have left the school 40 years ago but still we have a lot of memories of the school. Fr. Vicars, Fr. Adams, Mr. Heath, Fr. Currie etc etc…Great to see the photos that you took out there. Only the principal was recognizable to me as we met him in 2007 when we visited there.
    Thanks for the post and letting everyone else know of this great launch.

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