The Race That Cares – Part One

Pics from today’s awesome event organized by Standard Chartered which took place at the Indoor Stadium. Over 2000 participants turned up as early as 6am this morning to take part in what was dubbed “The Race that Cares”.

From BT:

SCB’s Head of Corporate Affairs and Marketing Jennifer Kang said: "We would like to thank the community and all the relevant organisations that we have been working with on the Standard Chartered Charity Run for their support. The response has been overwhelming and we are really excited about the run. The charity run is more than just a race, it is a chance to give back to the community by raising funds through registration fees, donation collections and lucky draw ticket sales, 100 per cent of which will go towards our benefitting charities. We are truly appreciative of the enthusiasm shown by the community towards this event and we trust they will have a fun-filled day."

Author: Reedz