e-Darussalam Government Portal Launched

Yesterday saw the launching of the e-Darussalam government portal at the Empire. e-Darussalam is an online portal of all the government services currently accessible was launched yesterday, boasting features such as one-time registration for users to access the services.

Developed by the E-government National Centre (EGNC), the website "will integrate all e-government services online", in line with the ambitions of the E-government Strategic Plan 2009-2014 to provide citizen-centric services online.

Traditionally, government agencies set up their own websites, where basic information related to the department or ministry were displayed along with some interactive services, for the agencies that had them.

But these so-called "e-services" were at times the focus of public opinion, because although some of the procedures, like registration, could be done online, it still required people to head to the office of the agency in question to complete the application.

"With this portal, the public will be able to deal with government agencies through the Internet, wherever they are and at any time. (They) only need to remember the portal’s address, www.gov.bn to access all online government services," a programme book for today’s launching ceremony said.

Colour pics courtesy of EGNC. More at BT.com

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