Parents, how to be positive?

I’m sure all of us aspire to positive parenting all the time, but its not easy. Trust me, I know…

Positive parenting allows parents the ability to raise happier, healthier kids. Kids raised using a positive parenting approach have strong self esteem, confidence, and more contentment in their lives. You can instill core strength in your children by using some of the following positive parenting ideas.

1. Envisioning the future with your children can help them learn motivation. When you talk about and think about long-term goals as well as the steps it takes to achieve those goals, your children can conceive of their own ability to achieve and feel confident in their own ability. However, it’s important not to only worry about the future but to enjoy the now.

2. Living mindfully. Teaching your children to think about and envision their future success is important, but so is helping them learn to enjoy the simple, every day moments of life. In fact, living mindfully can help your children be grateful for what they have.

3. Supportive relationships: Promoting supportive relationships with family and friends is very important to helping your children feel safe, secure, and successful. It imbues a sense of belonging that helps children thrive. Parents benefit as well from having access to supportive networks of friends and families.

4. Living optimistically: Setting the example by doing this yourself as well as teaching your children how to live optimistically by believing in possibilities and hope will help your children to have more confidence.

Building these core strengths into your children’s mental makeup are definitive ways you can help empower your children to lead successful, content lives. Not only do children who demonstrate these strengths fare better throughout childhood by being stronger students who suffer less from negative self image, depression, and academic struggle, but these strengths can carry them through life more successfully as well.

Additional core strengths you should focus on when positive parenting include:

Resilience: Teaching your children to react with positivity to the experiences that they have in their lives can help them learn resilience. Resilience is a key strength that promotes tenacity and determination.

Self awareness: Parents who demonstrate a willingness to take care of themselves – eating right, exercising, taking time for themselves – pass on these traits to their children. Being self-aware and capable of recognizing and meeting your own needs is a critical strength.

Developing these core strengths in your children requires you to embrace them in yourself as well. No matter what you try to teach your kids, they will mimic your behavior. Choosing to live with positivity in your life will help your children embrace doing so as well.

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Author: Reedz