What did you do last weekend?

Last weekend, a whole bunch of like-minded parents who wanted to see their kids succeed in school and in life, accompanied their kids to a two-day intensive workshop called the “Genius IQ Success Training” program. The program had two objectives, firstly to teach study techniques to the kids (and the parents heheh) and to instill positive parenting values to all parents who attended.

I believe all who attended, parents AND kids were profoundly affected by the program and went home on Sunday night with a seed planted into our psyche. This seed will hopefully bloom over the coming days, weeks and months and we will see a lot of students in Brunei become even more awesome!

Thank you Genius IQ for bringing the program in and I hope to see more parents and their children being “touched” by this awesome program!

Our powerful coaches, Suria and Kong

Author: Reedz