Telbru staff fix up dilapidated house

With the month of Ramadhan fast approaching and as one of its CSR initiatives, Telekom Brunei Berhad (TelBru) staff conducted a charity activity which involved repairing a dilapidated house in Tutong belonging to Awang Yusof bin Kadir, 60, who lives with his 90 year old mother. The work done included replacing and repairing damage to walls and floors, painting, cleaning the inside and outside and other necessary works.

According to Hjh Ainee Bungsu binti Haji Hayat, General Manager Information Technology at Telbru, as the leader of these activities, “this activity aims to realize the aspiration of TelBru staff to give back to the community by doing charitable work that they propose.”

Among those present this morning was TelBru Acting Chief Executive Officer, Awang Haji Umar Ali bin Haji Abdullah, general managers and staff of TelBru.

Removing floorboards before replacing them with new timber

Replacing the outside wall timber

The Telbru gang! On ya mates!

Author: Reedz