Sungkai at iLotus


Another big favourite among the Bruneian crowds for sungkai is iLotus Restaurant in Rimba. Every year, the crowd seems to get bigger and bigger. This year, the restaurant actually put up a marquee outside the main restaurant to cater for the big crowd.

I think its an awesome move as the restaurant can now cater for both buffet at the marquee and ala carte indoors. The only problem with the marquee is outside “elements” getting inside and buzzing around the food. They have service staff waving banana leaves to alleviate the problem, but I think the incorporation of air-curtains would be a more permanent solution.

Foodwise, its the same AWESOME spread that we’ve gotten used to every Ramadhan including sesame chicken, sweet n sour fish, grilled items, those lovely chicken balls, and other assorted goodies. This year however I’m happier than usual, with the introduction of fresh steamed prawns with a lovely soy based dip. Drooolz!

I’ll be back before the end of Ramadhan for another go at the stuff I didnt get to try out 🙂



The rules of the game set out very clearly


The marquee, reportedly built for the wedding of the owners’ son, 
is now a perfect venue for the sungkai buffet



The hot plate which will cater for many a dish filled with lamb and seafood throughout the month


Ikan Salai



Ranoadidas vs AngelShameless



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  1. How much is it per person, and what time starts-ends? What’s the reservation number? I’d like to check it out! 🙂

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