Looking for stylish shawls and hijabs?

Our popular Orsay scarf

Looking for stylish shawls and hijabs to wear for the holy month of Ramadhan and the upcoming Hari Raya festival? Cahaya Butik Outlet has it all. Cahaya Butik Outlet has few new shawls such as Jewelled shawls, printed cotton shawls, Stretchable cotton shawls and the popular scarf from Orsay.com.

Cahaya Butik outlet is also having a clearance sale for Dubai chiffons from $20-$25 only! Do visit our facebook for the chiffons.

Simply visit www.cahayabutik.com to make purchase or simply add us at  facebook: Cahaya Butik Outlet & like our fanpage.

Buying in wholesale with minimum purchase of 10 pieces of our shawls is also available at Cahaya Butik Outlet. Interested customers who want to start small online facebook shop can e-mail: [email protected] for further inquiries.

Leopard print two tones

One of our jewelled shawl

Printed butterful shawl

Author: Reedz