Berbuka Puasa di Twelv Bistro

Nasi Kambing

Twelv Bistro is another hidden gem for breaking fast during this Ramadhan. Its literally hidden because its a bit out of the way at the Palm Garden Hotel in Kiulap, just below Fitness Zone. Their Ramadhan Sungkai Buffet features classic Malay fare like ekor asam pedas, rendang ox tongue, hati buyah sambal, etc and also Lebanese Roast Lamb with Rice, Laksa, etc…

In addition, it also features Western selections which includes pasta, seafood, chicken, duck etc. There’s also a grill by the pool where lamb, chicken and others are being offered. On top of that, there is a selection of signature Japanese sushi and sashimi, salads and cakes, deserts and ice cream! Drinks including Bandung, Red Mango, Tea and Coffee are included.

The buffet is priced at $24 with discounts for Baiduri Cards as well as for carriers of the Twelv Infinite Card. You may call 2233323 to make your reservations.

Soy Braised Duck

Soy braised duck

Prawns Thermidore

Prawn Thermidore

Curry Lamb

Lamb Curry

Ox-tongue Korma

Ox-toungue Rendang

Hati Buyah

Hati buyah sambal

I love the multi colored pans


Author: Reedz