Chevening Alumni Brunei AGM (Updated)


A few days ago, the Chevening Alumni Association of Brunei Darussalam held its AGM cum sungkai function at the Royal Brunei Polo Club in Jerudong. The turnout was modest due to the fact that most of the members had other prior engagements.

I learnt during this event that to date there are currently over 30 Chevening Alumni in Brunei Darussalam, all from different disciplines and all contributing in their own way and leading activities towards the national development goals.

The Queen Elizabeth II Chevening Scholarships began in Brunei Darussalam in 1998 when they were formally announced during the State Visit of Her Majesty The Queen that year. Hence the rare honor of attaching Her Majesty’s name to the awards. Chevening scholarships take their name from Chevening House, the official country residence of the Foreign Secretary near Sevenoaks in Kent.

In Brunei Darussalam, various organisations have co-sponsored the scheme, namely CfBT Education Services, Cable & Wireless, MBDA, HSBC, BSP, BLNG, BAE Systems and ASEM. Previous and current Bruneian recipients of the Chevening Scholarships are:

Recipient Course and place of study Year Co-sponsor
Rosli  Md  SallehMA in Organisation Analysis and Change, University of Essex 1998-1999 ASEM
Hjh Fa’aizah DSP Hj  AbidinMSc in Banking and International Finance, City University, London 1999-2000 HSBC
James PhengKyan ChuaMSc in International Banking, Loughborough University 1999-2000 BAE Systems
Haji Abd Rahim bin DerusMA in Education (Computers in Education), King’s College, University of London 1999-2000 Full CfBT
Hj  Aminuddin Hj  Md  TaibMA in International Finance, Westminster University 2000-2001 HSBC
Lee  Hoon ChuaMSc in Digital Communication Systems, Loughborough University 2000-2001 BAE System
Sahralidin Abdul MominMSc in Operational Telecommunications, Coventry University 2000-2001 Cable & Wireless
Noorhaizamdin bin Haji Mosbi @ AbdullahMSc in Human Resource Management, University of Manchester 2000-2001 Full CfBT
Julianah Ali AhmadMSc in Operational Telecommunications, Coventry University 2001-2002 Cable & Wireless
Sharul Tazrajiman  Hj TajuddinMSc in Multimedia and Internet Computing, Loughborough University 2001-2002 BAE Systems
Pg Hj  Mohd Zain Pg Hj  Abd Razak MBA, Cranfield University 2001-2002 HSBC
Mona Aliana bte DP Hj Mohd AliminMEd in Education Psychology, University of Exeter Graduate School 2001-2002 Full CfBT
Norhayati DP Hj AbdullahMSc in International Banking & Finance/ Corporate Finance, Salford University 2002-2003 HSBC
Pg Zuhairi Pg Hj JamaludinMSc in Operational Communications, Coventry University 2002-2003 Cable & Wireless
Hjh Norbayah bte Hj ShahminanMA in Education, Brunel University, London 2002-2003 Full CfBT
Allen Kuan An LaiMA in Marketing, University of West England, Bristol 2003-2004 BSP
Siti Salwah Hj SaimMA in Marketing, Kingston University 2003-2004 BLNG
Mohd Saiful bin Haji OmarMSc in Multimedia and Internet Computing, Loughborough University 2003-2004 CfBT
Subandi KamisMSc in Information & Knowledge Management, Loughborough University 2003-2004 MBDA
Lim Ming SoonMA in Communications Management, Coventry  University 2003-2004 Cable & Wireless
Haji Jailani Haji BuntarMA in Communications Management, Coventry  University 2003-2004 Cable & Wireless
Khadizah Haji Abdul MuminMSc in Midwifery, City  University, London 2004-2005 CfBT
Dk  Hajah Siti Fatimah Pg Haji PatraMA in Institutional Management and Leadership for Professional Development, Univeristy of Southampton 2004-2005 Full Chevening
Habib Mohamad bin Haji Wan JunaidiMA (Education) in Institutional Management and Leadership for Professional Development, University of Southampton 2005 – 2006 CfBT
Captain Caslindawati binti  SamilMSc in Managing Information Technology, University of Salford 2005 – 2006 MBDA
Chien  Lee  LimMEd in Management and Policy Studies, University of Bristol 2005 – 2006 Full Chevening
Siti  Azizah  Haji SharbawiMA in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, King’s College London 2005 – 2006 Full Chevening
Noor Amalinie Haji SulaimanMA in International Public Relations, Cardiff  University in Wales 2006 – 2007 Full Chevening
Chong  Yun  OngMA in Education, Brunel  University, Londo 2006 – 2007 CfBT
Captain  Siti Khadijah  Haji EmranMBA, University of Hertfordshire 2006 – 2007 Ministry of Defence, UK
Siti Noor Nahsirah Syahirah binti Abdullah TeoMRes in Educational Research, University of Bath 2007 – 2008 CfBT
Muhammad Noh bin Haji MadaliMSc in International Oil and Gas Management, University of Dundee. 2007 – 2008 Full Chevening
Haji Azrul Melda Haji Abu BakarMSc in Biodiversity & Taxanomy in Plants, University of Edinburgh2008- 2009CfBT
Khairunnisa Haji IbrahimMSc in Environmental Infomatics at University of Leicester2008 – 2009Full Chevening
Muhammad Reeda bin Haji MalikMA in New Media & Society at University of Leicester 2009 – 2010 Full Chevening
Didiliana binti Haji Awang DamitMA in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics at King’s College London 2009- 2010 CfBT
Haji Kamal Bahrin bin JamalMSc in Mathematics at University of Sussex 2010 – 2011 CfBT

On paper, its an impressive list of individuals, but sadly, we are yet to make an impact as a collective. I hope other members will find some time to contribute to the association because otherwise, the CAB will suffer a similar fate to countless many other volunteer organizations which exist only in the ROS records.


Chevening Alumni Brunei


Author: Reedz