A Retro Legend in the Making – The Finepix X100

The S95 and P300 didn't make the cut...

Loaded – 1st July 2011

“Considering upgrading your standard camera but crave looking like a cool, retro ’70s snapper rather than a creepy paparazzi? Step this way. With superb colour modes, stunning low-light performances and awesome depth-of-field, it’s the thinking man’s camera…”

Self portrait X100

EISA – European Advanced Compact Camera 2011-2012

“The Fujifilm FinePix X100 advanced compact camera introduces an innovative new hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder, and is a very high-quality camera designed to be portable and always ready. The camera is ruggedly built, has a very sharp 23mm* F2.0 moderate wide angle lens that offers selective focus, and its APS-C CMOS sensor offers high image quality even under low-light conditions. As a near-silent camera with excellent manual and automatic shooting modes, the FinePix X100 stands out as a serious alternative to a compact system camera or a travel camera for the enthusiast and professional photographer.”

Ready to Rock n Roll

C-net – April 2011

“…The X100 is designed for people who love photographic equipment and who want to take control of the camera they’re using. It’s a beautifully crafted piece of kit, both inside and out, and capable of taking some equally stunning photographs.” – 4.5/5 stars


Author: Reedz