The Business Icons of Brunei!

Business Icons

Ever wondered of the true story behind Hua Ho department store? or Abdul Razak Holdings? how about Chop Jing Chew or Harun’s Gym? Have you ever thought of why and how the individuals who are behind these brands went from managing small scale operations to such mammoth companies? Well then your doubts are going to be answered this fall 2011 as Business Icons: The Success stories behind 10 of Brunei Darussalam’s most accomplished individuals hit bookstores nation wide!

Written by four young authors (Khairi Metussin, Khairul Anwar Sabir, Salehin Basir, and Khairul Ariffin Sabir), BUSINESS ICONS hopes to bring public awareness of the struggles faced by the individuals highlighted in the book and also enable the readers to put a name and character to the companies they are so familiar with.

With the intention of also sparking the desire for budding entrepreneurs to take the bold first step in entering the world of business, this book will act as the guideline for any budding entrepreneurs out there to learn from these Icons and understand what to expect in the real world. And for those who have no intention of doing business, this book will provide a great read nonetheless.

The ‘Business Icons’ team has set the price at an affordable $19.90 per book. Pre-order for limited copies will be at discounted price of $15.90. Pre-Order will be closed on 1st October 2011 so hurry up guys, don’t miss out this great opportunity to invest on this stimulating book.

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Khairi and Firdaus

Khairi and Firdaus during an interview with AB

Dato Idris.

Dato Paduka Ar. H. Idris B. H. Abas, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arkitek Idris, was born on 20th May 1950, the second child among seven. His family lived in Kampong Ayer, the water village in the nation’s capital, where as children, he and his siblings would swim and play in the unpolluted river. Every day, they had to travel across the river and walk to school. At that time, there was no electricity or running water, so they would eat and read at night by candlelight and had to carry water home from a nearby well using buckets.

Pehin Hapidz

Pehin Hapidz

Awang Harun

My buddy Harun

Han King Juan

JC Big Boss!

Rano Adidas

Da gangsta!

Pehin Lau.

Huaho Big Boss!

The book will tell the stories of 10 successful entrepreneurs in great detail, including where they are born, what school they went to, what degree they hold, where they worked, their motivation for business, challenges in entrepreneurship, how they achieved success and etc. It will basically tell the whole story of the icon’s life, focusing on entrepreneurship success stages.

Quotes and advices will be included in the book, highlighting the important points which are useful for readers. Advices from experienced entrepreneurs can be extremely helpful to readers in many ways if taken seriously.

The icons in this 1st Series of ‘Business Icons’ book are:

  1. YM Pehin Orang Kaya Ratna Setia Dato Setia Haji Awang Abdul Hapidz bin Pehin Orang Kaya Laksamana Haji Awang Abdul Razak (Abdul Razak Holdings)
  2. YM Dato Paduka Haji Idris bin Haji Abas (Arkitek Idris)
  3. YM Haji Zainal bin Haji Safar (Sotorindu Restaurant & Catering)
  4. YM Awg Rano Iskandar (
  5. YM Awg Harun bin Haji Ahmad (Harun’s Gym)
  6. YM Pehin Kapitan China Kornia Di Raja Dato Paduka Lau Ah Kok (Hua Ho Department Store)
  7. YM Han King Juan (Jing Chew Restaurant)
  8. YM Jackson Ting (Sunlit Advertising)
  9. YM Frankie Ngu (R&T Electronics)
  10. YM Nicky Wong (QQeStore)

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9 thoughts on “The Business Icons of Brunei!

  1. It’s a commendable effort to publish a book which can be inspirational, but in my opinion, half of the list of the names above do not qualify as icons. I believe you can come up with a better list, perhaps criteria such as company turnover, size, length of establishment, etc. Some of the names listed above have not expanded in their operations and is only the sole branch, while others do not even have B$1 million turnover a year to qualify as “mammoth”. Nonetheless it will be an interesting read.

  2. We have set our own criteria for Business Icons. This is only the first edition, we have more to come in the next series. Thank you very much for the comment, we appreciate it very much. 😀

  3. I hope you feature Indian businessman also. I want to know how they survive here. if would be interesting if they are honest about paying kickbacks just to survive. how about pasar malam businessman, the wet gadong market bosses? Kb town business people also. try to find the low profile business ppl. the ones who has been in business so long like, tasek meradun restaurant, syarikat mega bookstore is still alive. im looking forward 2nd edition


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