Baiduri/JPMC Stroke Awareness Talk


Last night, yours truly attended an awareness talk organised by Baiduri Prestige, the bank’s exclusive programme in collaboration with Jerudong Park Medical Centre, the highly acclaimed Head of Neuroscience Stroke Rehabilitation Centre in JPMC, Professor Datin Seri Laila Jasa Dr Uta Meyding-Lamade conducted a talk on stroke awareness at the Radisson Hotel yesterday in conjunction with the World Stroke Day 2011.


According to Professor Meyding, there is still a lack of knowledge on stroke symptoms and delay seeking immediate medical attention, with most stroke patients at Jerudong Park Medical Centre’s Neuroscience, Stroke and Rehabilitation Centre (NSRC) taking more than 24 hours to be admitted.

Professor Meyding in her talk outlined the two types of stroke: ischemic and haemorrhagic. In haemorrhagic stroke, there is a rupture in an artery which supplies blood to the brain which causes bleeding into the brain. She went on to say that most of the cases are ischemic strokes, which means that the vessel is not ruptured but blocked, so that the blood supply to a certain region of the brain is interrupted.

Since brain tissue is very vulnerable to a lack of blood and oxygen supply, there is a crucial need to try to reopen that vessel as soon as possible. The treatment administered is called systemic thrombolysis, where with medication, they are able to reopen a blocked brain supplying vessel. Large studies found that if thrombolysis is administered within four and a half hours after symptom onset, then there is a significant benefit for the patients regarding their neurological deficit, their survival and quality of life after the stroke.

Alvina Chung, Regional Manager of the Brunei-Muara District Branch Network of Baiduri Bank and Prestige Programme Manager emphasised the firm balance of good physical health and wellness and lifestyle benefits.

Prestige members enjoy an exclusive 10 per cent discount from the Stroke Screening Package offered by JPMC starting October 31 till November 30, 2011. The package includes blood tests, ultrasound of the carotid and vertebral arteries, an electrocardiogram, blood pressure tests, BMI analysis, a dietary consultation and two doctor consultations.


Professor Datin Seri Laila Jasa Dr Uta Meyding-Lamade, Head of Neuroscience Stroke Rehabilitation Centre in JPMC






Author: Reedz