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Although an acquired taste with its bold and spicy flavours, Korean cuisine is slowly garnering a following in Brunei. To date there are probably a handful of Korean restaurants in town. A couple of nights ago, da missus and I checked out this new Korean restaurant called Silla which just opened down the road from our house.

For those of you familiar with the Jangsak area, Silla is located where JS Big Prawn Noodles used to be. From the outside it looks like the new owners put in a lot of resources into the renovations. It looks totally different in a good way. A lot more inviting with dark timber framed windows and timber flooring as well. The ambience is very good with tasteful interior deco in a Korean theme. There are 3 private rooms for those who want to have a private dinner function.

The menu is pretty standard with typical Korean favourites like Kimchi Jigae, Bibimbap, Galbi Jim, Bulgogi and many others. The side dishes which are typically served with the main meal included favourites like Kimchi of course, but there were two different types. The typical red chill one and a white no-chili variety which was quite nice really.

Since there were only two of us, we only managed to try the galbi jim and kimchi jiggae. The galbi jim comes in a large serve only (good for two or three people) at B$30.00 per serve. It was nice and tender even though damissus said the ribs tasted “frozen”. I found it quite good. The kimchi jiggae had a distinctive flavour which we never tasted in other kimchi stews. I can’t place the flavour but its darn good!

Some folks have mentioned that service is a little slow, but that night it was pretty snappy, so I guess its inconsistent experience. Do give it a go and let me know what you think!















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