All set for #LoveBrunei28th!


For the  last few years, I’ve been attending the National Day celebrations as part of the growing media contingent. Being assigned to various zones at the Taman SOAS meant that I could photograph the event from different perspectives. This year however, instead of being part of the media, I decided to be one of the participants instead and try to capture the essence of what that is like.

Despite recovering from a bout of food-poisoning, I headed to town yesterday morning to attend the National Day practice sessions. It was perfect weather, overcast with a slight drizzle. There must have been at least 15,000 people participating in the various activities like march past, field presentations etc. The spirit of National Day was definitely visible and I felt proud to be Bruneian! Can’t wait for tomorrow! If you’re coming down as well, see ya!!








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Author: Reedz