When an Italian cooks Japanese Beef


WAGYU. The word itself brings to mind tender, melt in your mouth beef. This is where Chef Mauri comes in during the month of June. He has prepared a special menu dedicated to the different wagyu cuts which are a feast for the tastebuds….


Carpaccio di Wagyu. These thin slices of wagyu beef topped with olive oil, lemon juice, Parmesan shavings and served with a salad bouquet is meant to be simply enjoyed for the premium beef that it is.


Eggplant Roulade. This starter is vegetarian but got the thumbs up at our table! Filled with fresh spinach, topped with a melting 4 cheese mix and served with a tomato cream sauce – all the different ingredients blended beautifully together to create this tasty dish.


Mamma’s Lina Barlotti Beans. Home cooked comfort food. Slow simmered  beans with a slight bite to them and served with a handful of pasta. And it’s worth mentioning that these beans were air flown straight from the owner’s Mamma’s garden in Italy and is totally organic.

All the mains below feature a 200 gm cut of a different part and come served  with market vegetables and potatoes of the day.


Bistecca di Wagyu. A beef sirloin  on a soft green peppercorn sauce.


Tagliata di Wagyu. This rib eye cut of Wagyu is perfectly grilled and accompanied with a sundried tomato jus.


Filetto di Wagyu. Tender beef fillet ‘napped’ with a Dijon mustard creamy sauce.

All three mains were a star in their own right and it all depends on your personal taste when choosing the different sauces that come with it.

Bon appetito!

Today’s review was written by guest blogger @astucieux who kindly agreed to join me for the food tasting session last week. Merci 🙂

Author: Reedz