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How doctors’ use of mobile technology impacts telehealth – infographic and insights

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Telehealth is increasingly intertwined with mobile health.
Use of mobile devices is on the rise by healthcare consumers and providers alike.

Demand for mobile access to healthcare increases as the healthcare ecosystem shifts towards a model where care comes to the patient rather than the patient going to where care can be delivered.

Supply of mobile healthcare solutions is skyrocketing, with over 13,000 medical and healthcare apps available already, and traditional software-based telehealth solutions adding mobile access to their platforms.

A key part of the mobile healthcare world is the doctor.

Telehealth and Mobile apps

55% of physicians are using mobile apps

But don’t let the stat fool you into thinking that it’s all clinical. While doctors will use clinical apps such as Epocrates, they are just like other people in that they are common users of apps like Facebook, ESPN, and the Weather Channel.

It’s actually even more critical that doctors are using these devices for socialization, entertainment, and non-clinical information. It means they are comfortable with the devices.

Utilization is a key driver of telehealth adoption.

So if users are at least comfortable with the technology you that enables their telehealth activities, you have a higher chance of the solution being utilized.

Of course, it follows that a bad app on an easy-to-use device is not going to last very long and could easily be replaced if a substitute is available.

So if you’re going to have one of the few apps that the doctor relies on in their daily routine, you must make it user-friendly and clinically sound.

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