Travelmania 2012



Travel fairs are a good way to save up on purchasing travel packages for upcoming holiday seasons. Unfortunately, Bruneians tend to purchase the deals at the last minute instead of planning ahead of time and getting better travel packages.

Hot deals from the 9th ABACUS Holiday and Travel Fair, held in conjunction with TravelMania 2012, attracted thousands of visitors.

It attracted more than 7.500 visitors yesterday during its first day and today, with special RBA airfare prices such as Singapore for B$311, Kuala Lumpur for $308 and Manila for $272, one can assume the number of visitors would still rise.

One of the most popular deals so far was the RBA airfare to Singapore, which was sold for $251 on the first day of TravelMania 2012. Due to a large demand, it went up to $281 yesterday, still an attractive deal compared to market prices. Many booked it through various travel agencies during the fair.


One of the hottest booths include the newly opened Legoland Malaysia theme park in Johor, where holiday planners are able to book entrance tickets at attractive prices.

Royal Brunei Airlines, RBA, is also promoting its airfare to London, with a $999 top up for those who wants to upgrade to business class (one-way), and make reservations because RBA awaits its new 787-8 dreamliner aircraft. With RBAs new upcoming aircraft, it may be a good time to take the long flight in style this time around.

RBA is also promoting Special Flights to Narita Tokyo and to Taiwan in December 2012. Tokyo from $1,255 all inclusive, departing from Brunei on December 11 and a return flight on December 17 while Taiwan from $680 all-inclusive, departing from Brunei on December 14 and a return flight on December 17.

As some of the highlights of the 9th ABACUS Holiday and Travel Fair, anyone who books and purchases an airline ticket from any participating travel agents during the three-day travel fair will get a chance to win the latest Apple iPhone5 (16GB), Samsung N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1 (16GB) or Samsung i9300 Galaxy SIII (16GB) Blue Edition.


The winners of the Destination Dash! (pic borrowed from da gangsta)

Today, a special event, one of the highlights of the fair – the finals of the “Destination Bash” will see the winning team awarded with 100,000 Royal Skies Miles (equivalent to 10 return tickets Kota Kinabalu or six return tickets to Singapore), where the 100,000 Royal Skies Miles will be allocated into one of the winning team members’ Royal Skies account. The Royal Skies Miles can then be distributed via nomination of miles to team partner or friends/family members.

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Author: Reedz