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  • The total spending among the top 5000 companies in the world on training and development reached US$17 billion in 2011.
  • Employee training budgets in the USA jumped by 9.5% in 2012. Asia must follow suit to keep up.
  • A recent survey on employee assessment shows that 63% of employers expect a very tough time finding key skills in 2012, a 22% increase over last year. Employers are finding it extremely difficult to find the right workers. The perfect solution is to train current employees for the increasingly-specialized roles required of them.


Aseanna, a Singapore company, brings together two decades of experience and expertise and the necessary language skills, and familiarity with culture and local business practices to make these training programs happen professionally, profitably, and with a heart — the Asian way. Our directive is to provide specialised, targeted training to working professionals in the government, uniformed groups, oil and gas, and a variety of other corporate sectors.

Our focus is on Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia, as we believe that these regions have a tremendous native talent pool that could benefit massively from targeted, focused training programs. The programs will enable this talent pool to compete with the workforces in the leading economies of Europe and North America.

Aseanna is committed to providing Brunei with a channel for continuous growth and workforce betterment, including special rates and discounts for citizens who train with us, along with tie-ups with small local businesses who wish for their employees to upgrade their skills or simply learn from world-leading authorities. This will ensure that there is a steady supply of skilled personnel entering and sustaining the Bruneian economy.

Training Programmes:

Omnipresence – Sales Bootcamp: Negotiation & Presentation Skills
27 – 28 November 2012, The Brunei Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan.

About the trainer: Our communication, negotiation and presentation skills trainer is a regional celebrity with two decades of experience in Singapore, Thailand, Japan and US. Born and brought up in the USA, he has produced and directed public mega-events on a national scale and has conducted several million dollars worth of business negotiations.

At this Sales-team training bootcamp, sales teams will be taught how to master sales fundamentals and learn exactly how to secure their deals before they go out to meet the client.

Through sales character- and product-specific instruction, sales teams learn techniques and philosophies in a fun, unique and challenging format.

In The Field (client setting):

In the field, our curriculum will take the sales team members through practices for their particular characters and specific areas of product or service deliveries. In small groups, team members will receive individual attention while modified real-life scenarios will be used to help them best prepare for the Big Game (Closing The Deal).

In The Classroom (lecture setting):

In the classroom, as a group they will review what they learned “In the field”, with corrections and modifications on the finer details of the Big Game. Topics include the responsibilities of their positions and how to execute, sales formation/tactics and strategies, and how to align any given protocol for any given setting. The classroom sessions not only explore how the sales fundamentals should be executed but teach why they lead to success.

The outcome is the confidence and the refined knowledge necessary to close million-dollar deals.

Omnipotence – Project Management & Strategic Planning
17 – 19 December 2012, The Brunei Hotel, Bandar Seri Begawan.

About the trainer: Our trainer has over 24 years of business management and strategic consulting experience in India and Japan, with almost 10 years of strategic consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies & the World Bank. He was the team lead for organization change management planning and implementation project for McDonald’s, Japan, and project lead for a custom software development project at IMS Health, Japan.

This workshop is a practical guide to project management. The participants are introduced to integrated project management methodology, which includes team building, stakeholder management, time management, communication management and knowledge harvesting. The workshop introduces unique tools and techniques for managing project scope through project quality over the entire project lifecycle.

Workshop Contents

The overall flow is based on PMI’s project management framework and the contents are enriched by the trainer’s own experience of Project Management over 15+ years.

  • Techniques introduced in this workshop are currently in the top global consulting firms, particularly the “Top Five”
  • Pre-course questionnaire is used to understand the participants’ backgrounds and customize the workshop to meet their needs

Training Methodology

The workshop combines Awareness Creation, Case Studies & Role Playing to help participants understand, apply and experience the best practices of Project Management.

  • Group work is used extensively so that participants can discuss and help each other apply the techniques of project management.
  • Quizzes are used to help participants recall and clarify concepts discussed.
  • Case studies and activities are employed to make learning both intensive and enjoyable.

This program is meant for:

  • Corporations that use projects extensively for product and system development.
  • Individuals who have more than 4 to 5 years of project experience and are regularly engaged in projects.
  • Those who aspire to build their careers as Project Managers.

Contact information:

33 Hume Avenue
#04-05 Symphony Heights
Singapore 598374
(+65) 8500 3240
[email protected]

Author: Reedz