Better Hearing, Better Living

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Please come and support a Charity Bazaar to be held in support of Better Hearing, Better Living: Raising funds to sponsor hearing aids for hearing-impaired school-aged children from lower income families, at the Atrium Concourse, Ground Floor, The Mall Gadong on 1-3 February 2013.

DID YOU KNOW that school-aged children suffering from hearing loss can have full and productive lives if given the right support early. Communication is vital for learning and hearing aids will help the child learn to hear, speak and socialise in a normal school setting.

Hearing aids are a big investment both financially and emotionally. To ensure hearing aids are worn regularly and beneficial, the support at home, in school and by the hearing professional is important.

In Brunei Darussalam, school-aged children with hearing impairment registered with the Special Education Unit, Ministry of Education are given educational support

A local hearing aid specialist supplier, Hear Better Services Company (HBS) is raising funds to sponsor hearing aids for hearing-impaired school-aged children from lower income families. This project aims:

  1. To help hearing-impaired children develop into productive and self-reliant citizens of Brunei Darussalam; and
  2. To generate awareness and understanding on hearing loss and its impact on child development.

This project is supported by the Special Education Unit, Ministry of Education, the Community Development Department, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Home Affairs.


School-aged children with hearing impairment primarily between the ages of 5-12 years from lower income families.

The individuals receiving the hearing aids have been identified by the respective government agencies. Their progress will be monitored by Hear Better Services Company and the same government agencies through counselling and a hearing aids service maintenance programme.

The Hearing Aid Support Program

Recipients will be fitted with hearing aid(s) after the hearing assessment by HBS. This includes counseling the child and the parents/caretaker on how to use the hearing aid. All recipients are expected to follow regular check-ups with the hearing professional over a minimum of 3 years.

Annual Progress Reports for the recipients will be available to respective sponsors upon request.

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