Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge 2013


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What it is?

Discover what it really takes to launch a start up! Enter the $20k challenge to identify, nurture and showcase emerging ICT entrepreneurs. Gain one of a kind start-up learning experience and emerge better to bring your entrepreneurial vision to light!

The competition

Ignite Entrepreneurship Challenge is a rebrand of the previous Ignite Business Plan competition which serves as a platform for identifying, nurturing and showcasing emerging entrepreneur in addition to stand a chance to win the grand start up 20K cash prize.
iCentre continue its proud tradition of preparing the participants prior to finalizing their business plans by conducting a series of workshops to allow participants gain entrepreneurship skill set. Learn the know-hows and must-dos to build a successful startup and writing an impactful executive summary prior to the first round of submission.

This year’s challenge puts more focus on acquiring quality business plans where after preliminary round of business plan submission, the shortlisted participants are will be required to attend the Ignite two-days boot camp where they will be provided training assistance and individualized coaching from experienced mentors.


‘The journey begins now’ highlights the learning process along the way and experiences gained in the journey of an entrepreneur. iCentre will serve a role to be a guide for the journey for aspiring entrepreneurs right from the beginning of the challenge.

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Who can join? Individuals may enter the competition alone or as a group of maximum 5 people (highly encouraged) with exceptional business ideas.

Members of the public with creative and innovative ICT business plans who would like to turn them into a viable business are encouraged to participate.

All students from IHLS are welcome to compete. No prior business courses and experience are necessary.

Rules and eligibility can be found in the contestant kit. ONLINE REGISTRATION only. For more information, visit ignite.icentre.biz

Author: Reedz