Yasmine, Brunei’s First International Feature Film Set to Join Hong Kong and Cannes Film Festivals

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[L to R] Siti Kamaluddin Director, Fai Zabady Assistant Director, Chan Man Ching the Action Director, Mariah Zaharaa Assistant Production Manager & Georgina Wong the Production Manager. Producer Din Kamaluddin, not in the photo, was outstation.

As one of the richest nations in South East Asia, and the fifth richest in the world according to Forbes, Brunei’s film industry is yet to be developed. With the advent of the first feature film in the modern era, YASMINE, directed by a young Bruneian woman, Siti Kamaluddin, Brunei is now venturing into the film world. This foray into the film world involves some of Asia’s big names, hailing from Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Siti, a veteran in the advertising and TV industry in South East Asia, and Producer, Din Kamaluddin have enlisted Chan Man Ching (stunt coordinator and action choreographer for famed Jackie Chan films: The Legend of Drunken Master 2, Rumble in the Bronx, Rush Hour 1,2,3 and Hollywood blockbuster Hell Boy 2) as the Action Director, Salman Aristo (Ayat-ayat Cinta, Laskar Pelangi, Sang Penari) as the Screenplay Writer, Cesa David Lukmansyah (Citra award winner for Rumah di Seribu Ombak, Rectoverso) as the Film Editor, Khikmawan Santosa (Citra award winner for Sang Kiai) as the Sound Designer, Aghi Narottama as the Music Director and Nidji is writing the soundtrack for YASMINE.


The cast from Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia feature Liyana Yus from Brunei playing the lead role of Yasmine. From Indonesia we see leading man Reza Rahadian (Fahri – Yasmine’s Father), Agus Kuncoro (Jamal – Silat teacher), Dwi Sasono (Tong Lung – School Silat teacher), Arifin Putra (Fahri’s friend) as well as young actors Roy Sungkono and Mentari De Marelle. Actors from Malaysia involved in this film feature none other than Dian P Ramlee, Dato’ M. Nasir, Nabila Huda, Soo Wincci, Carmen Soo and Aryl Falak. YASMINE is a beautifully choreographed story that inspires us to revisit our dreams. Action, comedy and drama come together powerfully in this unforgettable journey.

YASMINE being the first international feature film from Brunei has gained the attention of the film world and many international media. YASMINE has been featured in the Monocle (British Magazine) and has had articles in The Guardian (British Newspaper) and many other newspapers both locally and around the region. YASMINE will be introduced to the international film industry by appearing at the film market in the Hong Kong International Film Festival (24 March – 7 April) and the Cannes Film Festival (14-25 May) this year.

The official website of YASMINE (www.yasminethemovie.com) has been successfully launched with the first teaser trailer now available for viewing online. The official release of YASMINE will be in August 2014.

Author: Reedz