Motoring BN – Brunei’s first motoring mag is launched!

Calling all Motoring Enthusiasts! A NEW quarterly publication was revealed yesterday in the capital, Motoring BN. Published by CONFEX, it is the latest quarterly magazine in Brunei and the first Bruneian lifestyle publication to revolve around the world of motoring.

Speaking to the media at a press conference yesterday, Izam Said, Editor at CONFEX, said that ‘Brunei’s No.1 Motoring Lifestyle Magazine’ focuses on the latest trends and news for cars and motorcycles from a local perspective. “We are gearing up to be one of the largest print magazines to be sold in Brunei, with a high investment in print, allowing us to expand our reach and circulation,” he said.

During the press conference he explained that the magazine will have 15,000 copies every quarter with a number of magazines already pre-sold to various stakeholders and government agencies, the remainder of which will be sold to the public.

“The magazine will feature a mix of both local writers and foreign correspondents that will give its readers the latest information and details on cars that are either in Brunei Darussalam or on their way here,” he said. “And if we feel the vehicles should be in Brunei we will make sure the public knows about it too. We want our readers to be well informed about what is happening regarding all things automotive.”

Who & What is it?

Motoring BN is Brunei’s No.1 Motoring lifestyle magazine. We are a team that focuses on bringing you the latest news about cars and motorcycles relevant to Brunei Darussalam along with the trends associated to them. Our new magazine offers a unique experience. We give our definitive view on the cars and motorcycles thanks to a mixed team of local correspondents and foreign correspondents. We will give you the low down on the wheels and deals in Brunei for Brunei, while keeping an eye on the breakthroughs taking place in the motoring world.

Where and Why?

As journalists one of the many things that we hear from Bruneians interested in buying new cars or bikes was that they never look the same as those featured online or in the magazines. So that’s what we felt we needed to address. Not only do we give an honest assessment on the myriad of vehicles we are privileged to test, we will also educate the road users here in Brunei about what’s available and on offer from the various car makers, so that they can exercise their decision and choice in a way that they previously haven’t been able to do so.


From the start, Motoring BN is aiming to be one of the largest magazines in Brunei with a high investment in print circulation, while other global car publications are reducing theirs. This resonates the healthy demand and popularity of the motoring industry in Brunei. We are also one of the largest in terms of coverage; offering in-depth reviews of products in the motoring industry, both motorcycles and cars, opinions on the motoring world, safety tips, maintenance, lifestyle, food and travel stories.

We are also aware that our partners in the motoring industry have various promotions that run throughout the year and to stay up-to-date, readers of Motoring BN can stay tuned through Motoring BN Online. This will be the second phase as part of Motoring BN’s brand development. Here we will have latest events and happenings, car promotions, in tandem with our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram.

When it is available and how to purchase?

The magazine will be available in July, we will announce this through our social media sites so ‘like us’ or ‘follow us’ to stay tuned and be the first to purchase a copy!

A number of copies have already been pre-sold so reserve your copy fast! At the time of launching, this can be done through CONFEX hotlines or our website. Call us at 2652 155/Whatsapp 8282 212 or visit

At a later stage, it might be available to purchase at retail bookstores but there is no guarantee in the event stock runs out.

Author: Reedz