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The Kang Comfortzone Experience

There’s this place called Kang Comfortzone which I always pass by on the way out of Batu Bersurat but never dropped by. So on Saturday, I decided to give it a try.

Tucked away near the corner shop lot of Block J, the place is a lot bigger than I expected. I was greeted by the owner who proceeded to explain the various services that they offer. He said most of his staff are from Thailand and so the massages mostly have a Thai flavour to them, which means there will be some degree of bending and cracking involved. I’m not a big fan of that so I picked the head, neck, and shoulder massage since it sounds least likely to involve aforementioned manoeuvres heheh…

Turned out to be a good choice. The massage was really good and focused on the “stress zones” of the head, neck, and shoulders. At the end of the massage, I felt relaxed and ready for the weekend 🙂

If you’d like to give Kang Comfortzone a try, do give them a call on 2455981. Here’s a guide to the services offered and a useful map to the shop.











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