Local group “Anak IT” organizes Cyber Security Workshop

On 21st April 2018, a local NGO, Anak IT, organised a workshop called “Cyber Security Workshop (I) – Cryptography” at the offices of Techone Global at K-Hub, Anggerek Desa.

The objectives for this workshop were to have the basic understanding of cryptography and the different types of cryptography such as encoding, encryption, hashing and obfuscation. The speaker was Mohd Zulfadly Haji Ismail (founder of Anak IT).

The workshop was attended by 30 participants comprised of UTB, IGS, Politeknik, LCB and several private companies. The workshop started with opening speech by Mohd Zulfadly Haji Ismail (founder of Anak IT) to brief what Anak IT is all about and followed by safety briefing by the representative from TechOne Global.

The participants were taught the basic knowledge of cryptography which is categorized into 4, consisting of encoding, encryption, hashing and obfuscation.

On encoding, it was commonly used to transform data that can be properly consumed by any type of system. Examples of encoding are Base64, URL encoding, etc. On Encryption, participants were taught the difference between encoding and encryption. Where the difference is the goal of encryption is to ensure the data cannot be consumed by anyone other than the intended recipient. Examples of encryption are AES, 3DES, DES, etc. Meanwhile, for hashing, participants were taught that hashing is to take any input and produce a fixed-length string and it is a one way encryption. On obfuscation, participants were taught that it doesn’t securely hidden the source code but rather to add obstacle to the source code.

After the sharing session by the speaker on cryptography, the participants were given basic challenges on the subject intended.

To conclude the workshop, majority of the participants have acquired the basic understanding on cryptography which could benefit them for the upcoming capture the flag.

The workshop is supported by TechOne Global, ITPSS and BruCert.

Author: Reedz