Celebrating Entrepreneurship and Community Values at BIBD Connects

BIBD today organised its first ever BIBD Connects Pop Up Market held at the BIBD Connects open area located at Spg. 262-8-10, Kg Lambak Kanan, Mukim Berakas B, Jalan 10 Utara. Various activities for children were also prepared during the pop-up market, as an added activity during school holidays.

BIBD Connects provided the perfect location for the pop-up market as the location itself is aimed to bring closer families and the community, with entrepreneurs and banking. BIBD also took the opportunity to promote and encourage the usage of its digital payment solutions BIBD QuickPay, providing flexibility and convenience to business owners and customers.

The BIBD Connects Pop Up Market is part of BIBD’s Corporate Social Responsibility to promote local SME businesses, directly improving their capabilities to become more robust and sustainable. The pop-up market was attended by more than twenty SMEs that included twelve BIBDSEED participants who will be debuting their products to the market.

The event also saw the presentation of Certificates of Completion to BIBDSEED participants by Yang Mulia Hjh Noraini binti Haji Sulaiman, BIBD Deputy Managing Director, for successful completion of the third Phase of the programme – Product Incubator.

The pop-up market is the next phase in BIBDSEED programme where participants are exposed to real market situations as part of their entrepreneurial development. The market phase will test their resolve to apply their knowledge and learning from the previous phases such as pricing, marketing, communications, sales pitching to customers and promoting their products.

Also attending the event, to witness the BIBDSEED participants in action were representatives from the Department of Community Development, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports; Brunei Islamic Religious Council and Islamic Dakwah Centre, Ministry of Religious Affairs – BIBD strategic partners for the BIBDSEED Programme.

Yang Mulia Hjh Noraini binti Haji Sulaiman, BIBD Deputy Managing Director also commented on the event, “Alhamdulillah, today’s double success of promoting entrepreneurship along with the spirit of community at BIBD Connects reflects BIBD’s commitment towards the success of its initiatives to create a positive impact for Brunei Darussalam’s economy through its people, communities and entrepreneurs.”


The fifteen-month BIBDSEED programme (Special Underprivileged Mothers Empowerment Entrepreneurship Development) aims to transform underprivileged mothers into successful and resilient entrepreneurs able to compete in local and international markets. This is achieved by creating business opportunities via a capacity building platform for mothers who do not have the means towards development of a Muslimah entrepreneurial that holds traits such as self-sustaining and robustness.

The objectives of BIBDSEED include the development of human capital to embody successful entrepreneurs, improve productivity and services through innovation and automation with the latest business practices, and to uplift their living conditions through business acumen, knowledge and optimal training to adapt them into the business ecosystem.

Author: Reedz