anakbrunei media (ABm) is a next-generation media and publishing virtual company founded by Reeda Malik, or better known as anakbrunei.

ABm provides new-media services for companies locally and abroad that are interested to embark on a social-media marketing journey. This may include activities such as social media tools set-up e.g. google analytics, blogsearch etc; Social media account set-up e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc; Cross promotion of marketing collateral across Facebook, Twitter, Blogs etc; and Building communities of interest around specific products and services.

The main hub for ABm’s business activity is a new-media project website called anakbrunei.org. The anakbrunei project aims to show how integral the web has become as tool for shaping public opinion, more so than traditional media. The recent US general elections is the best testimony to this. Since its inception, anakbrunei.org has helped to shape public opinion on various issues from HIV to Autism. At the very least, it has helped reduce the public’s apathy regarding these issues.

Founder Muhammad Reeda Malik on the anakbrunei project: "My single longest new media project to date is the anakbrunei.org project, which started five years ago and is currently ongoing. It is a website which I use to offer readers a peek into the Bruneian lifestyle with an emphasis in photography and some new media features such as reader comments, a chatbox, and even social events organized around a charity theme. This website has gathered quite a large following especially among Bruneian students abroad who visit the website to check in on what’s happening back home. The website was voted photoblog of the year 2008 in a local poll conducted by the largest local mobile service provider, DST.

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  1. Hi Reeda,
    This is a mail unconnected to your website: A German security/protective gear manufacturer, “GARANT Schutz GMbH” is interested in the Brunei market. Have a look at their website for further details. They manufacture for military and civilian protective gear incl. protective gear for heavy duty workplaces, breathing masks, protective footgear and clothing… and so on.
    Helmut Domas

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